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Meta title: Oldham Optical UK
Meta description: At Oldham Optical we pride ourselves in producing high quality mirrors, lenses and other optical components. Our specialized glass cutting, polishing and testing equipment allows us to calibrate to and produce most conic shapes. The main work is done "in house" at the Scarborough premises. All products are individually tested in our test tunnel before dispatch. Our main product line is the manufacture of optical elements for the professional and amateur astronomical market. We can supply a large range of sizes in our standard product line of astronomical mirrors and elliptical flats. We also test "third party" professional and amateur manufactured mirrors. We offer a simple performance-report, or can follow up with corrective actions including polishing, figuring, re-testing and can supply a "Certificate of Conformity". We supply optical components for measuring and calibrating instruments. Optical flats and magnifiers of various sizes. The aim of this Web site is to make amateur and professional alike conversant with our company and its ability and enthusiasm to produce high quality optical systems.
Meta keywords: Astronomical Photographic Industrial Optical lenses glass cutting polishing testing calibrate conic shapes testing tunnel professional amateur design conformity gas analyses optical standard concave convex ronchi water jet cutting

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